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Attain Financial Freedom.

We streamline AI-led, actionable stock and cryptocurrency market intelligence to Veterans and Retail Investors looking to level-up their wealth.

Join an elite group of hedge fund traders and analysts leveraging AI

to build asymmetric wealth in the markets. Built by Veterans, for Veterans.




Join the world's leading Stock and Cryptocurrency Trade Intelligence Group

Our AresGPT AI does the work, so you don't have to...

Delivering Alpha Through
Computational Intelligence

Are you an advanced trader looking for that elite edge?


Get direct access to our professional Investment Intelligence by signing up for the Ares Investing Substack. We publish weekly Equity and Crypto Intelligence covering dark pool data, macro/micro and geopolitical Alpha. 

Sign-up now and join 1,000+ other investors.

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AI - Driven Market Updates

Receive LIVE Stock, Crypto & Geopolitical Intelligence Injects via Discord. Leverage our data-science driven research and top Traders to track numerous opportunities across both markets. 

Investor Education

Learn from our Elite Traders, Analysts and the community. We have over 2,000 hours of educational content packaged and ready to boost your Trade-IQ.

Networking & Brotherhood

Network with a global community of like-minded investors and entrepreneurs on the fast-lane to success. Building a business and looking to raise funds? The Ares Community is here for you. Never trade alone again.

Veteran Opportunities

Here at Ares, we are fueled by Veterans from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves in providing the best in financial education and network assistance for Veterans. Leverage our extensive community to bolster your life and entrepreneurial goals. We're here for you!

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White-Glove - Crypto Business Solutions.

Custom-tailored by our experts to meet your bottom line.

Crypto Business Consulting

Getting your business up to speed with professional Cryptocurrency Integration

Ares Investing is a strong believer in the future of crypto, and we want to help spread mass adoption with you!

We add value to your company, by finding novel and innovative ways of integrating Crypto/Tokens, Utility, NFTs, Web3.0, DAOs, Tax Law, etc. to your business.

Reach out to us if you're interested in transforming your business for the future!

Wealth Advisory

Variable fee based on Assets Under Management

Utilizing proprietary derivatives strategies, our portfolio managers guarantee wealth generation quarter after quarter. We are highly-selective with our portfolio management clients, be sure to reach out to see if you qualify.

Over 3+ Years of Dedicated Service to our Subscribers.


Years of Combined Experience


Company Partners


Investors Across our Communities


Countries World Wide

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