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Connecting Dots

Preston Eckhardt is a highly-decorated Senior Intelligence Analyst who served in the US Army for 7 years, providing support in various combat and peacekeeping missions. He has extensive macro and geopolitical knowledge, and has worked in both conventional and special operations capacities. Leveraging his mastery in All-Source Intelligence, Quantitative Finance, and Hybridized Private Security, Preston coaches veterans and entrepreneurs to help them achieve tactical clarity and success. He is passionate about intelligence, security risk management, helping veterans and the novel applications of crypto and blockchain. Preston is committed to pushing boundaries and advancing the future of finance.

Preston Eckhardt
Founder / CEO


Caleb Scanlan
COO / Partner

Brent Massey

Founder at Task Org, US Army Sergeant First Class (11B)

CEO / Portfolio Manager of Market Abyss

Investor, Crypto Research Analyst, Masters in Blockchain and Engineer

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