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Take your business or fund to the future by leveraging Blockchain Intelligence..

Ares delivers actionable equity and cryptocurrency intelligence, streamlined D2C or B2B in one easy platform. We bring the future of finance to your business quickly and effectively, bolstering your bottom line.


We provide Data Science - led, Hedge Fund research to help you synthesize asymmetric trades before competitors.

Delivering Alpha Through Computational Intelligence...

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Get direct access to professional Investment Intelligence by clicking above. Join thousands of investors on a journey to achieve financial independence.


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Here at Ares, we provide you with the world-class level tools and knowledge needed to make educated trades and formulate investment theses.


Our mission is to democratize investment intelligence to keep you sharp, dangerous and informed. 



Choose your Path to Success

Wealth Advisory

Variable based on Assets Under Management

Utilizing proprietary derivatives strategies, our portfolio managers guarantee wealth generation quarter after quarter. We are highly-selective with our portfolio management clients, be sure to reach out to see if you qualify.

Crypto Business Consulting

Getting your business up to speed with professional Cryptocurrency Integration

Ares Investing is a strong believer in the future of crypto, and we want to help spread mass adoption with you!

We add value to your company, by finding novel and innovative ways of integrating Crypto/Tokens, Utility, NFTs, Web3.0, DAOs, etc. to your business.

Reach out to us if you're interested in transforming your business for the future!



Variable Fiat or Bitcoin Rates

The world's premier market and cryptocurrency research service designed for large institutions, accredited investors, and finance firms. This service will leverage our deeply established financial intelligence networks to glean targeted information accompanied by a brief-back with hard research per request. ​

Please send all research inquiries with appropriate encryption if necessary to 


Thanks for submitting!

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