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How the Retail Investing Landscape is Changing Forever, and how we're revolutionizing Trading.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Since the inception of multiple economic lockdowns driven by SARS-CoV-2 fears, as well as inflation reaching unprecedented highs (7.5% currently), more and more average people have been finding ways to bring in additional income. This massive wave of millennials and Gen-Z, have taken an extreme interest in stock and cryptocurrency trading/investment, with brokerages reporting well over thousands of new accounts year-to-date. Though there are always outliers, a majority of new traders/investors have been losing money, despite the massive bull-market we saw from March 2020 till now. This is mostly due in part that the market is traded by High-Frequency Trading Algorithms, and extremely wealthy and entrenched hedge funds. These institutional firms, have access to a quicker, and higher-level of knowledge, than the average trader does. Additionally, they have market-moving money and tools that they leverage from week-to-week, to setup favorable trading conditions to bolster their positions. To make conditions worse, a majority of these hedge funds / institutional traders utilize a controversial method known as "Payment-for-Order Flow" (POF) to collect retail trading data/volume, and seek to predatorially make trades against the average trader. Barclays for example, recently published an investment research report, citing the current, trendy trade strategies of the retail trader. In this report, they note a series of strategies they could employ, to capitalize on this new mass movement of retail traders.

"Okay, we get it, the odds are stacked against us. The question is, what can we do about it?"

Enter, Ares Investing.

Here at Ares, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge data science and machine learning protocols to coalesce, contextualize and streamline actionable stock and cryptocurrency intelligence to the average retail trader.

Imagine a software, at the palm of your hand or computer, that could give you direct access to world-class financial information, with data points across millions of sources. A software that could enable you to make educated investments that typically only large institutions have access to. Trades and investments that are always asymmetric in your favor, and allow you to make the most risk-adverse yet highest return yield based off your personally entered risk appetite? We make it possible. Instead of following moronic trade "gurus" on TikTok, you can leverage backtested, data-science protocols to generate asymmetric trades akin to institutions. Our software accounts for Macro/Micro and Geopolitical impacts to investments.

Ares is rapidly scaling, and actively innovating to change the investing landscape, and return power to the people. We are the organization providing the tools, weapons, and knowledge you need, to have a seat at the table to battle hedge funds, insider traders and other large financial institutions.

Join the revolution fellow Wall St. Warriors

Check out our Substack link below to get access to our World-Class Institutional Only Investment Intelligence:

Written by:

Preston James Eckhardt

Founder / CEO


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